Students awarded in the International Congress FIA 2018 (Cádiz, Spain)

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Josep Rodríguez Sendra, PhD student at the Ultrasound Medical and Industrial Laboratory (UMIL), has been awarded with the Andrés Lara accesit for his work Monitoring the setting of bone cements using ultrasonic backscattering in the international Congress FIA 2018 (Cádiz, Spain), under the supervision of the doctors Noé Jiménez, Francisco Camarena, Rubén Picó y Joan Faus, focused in the odontology field. In this work, a method for monitoring the setting process of bone cements was developed through the analysis of the backscattering ultrasonic signal.

Sergio Jiménez Gambín, PhD student at the UMIL, has obtained the Cátedra Luis de Camoens UC3M award for his work Efectos del método de obtención de las propiedades acústicas de cráneo humano en la propagación focalizada de ultrasonidos in the international Congress FIA 2018 (Cádiz, Spain), developed in the research line of microbubble-enhanced focused ultrasound for the blood–brain barrier opening for treatment of neurodegenerative diseases in a local, transient, non-invasive, non-ionizing and safe manner, led by the doctors Francisco Camarena and Noé Jiménez.

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